Wednesday, November 19, 2008

SBS 2008 obviously wasn't built on a secure Foundation.

Duffbert et. al. have already blogged about Microsoft killing off their "One-Care" subscription security service but I'd like to chew on the implications for SBS2008 for a couple of paragraphs.

So Microsoft spends five years and umpteen gazillion dollars to research and develop their replacement for SBS2003 and only ONE WEEK after releasing the product they find it necessary to declare End-Of-Life on a key component of the bundle and announce its replacement by a new software package that won't be delivered for another seven months. Microsoft Watch quoted Microsoft as saying:

“Microsoft will continue to support Windows Live OneCare for Server on SBS 2008 through June 30, 2009. Windows Live OneCare for Server subscribers will be supported for the duration of their subscription.”

So pick your favorite theory:
  • Microsoft discovered some impossible-to-fix code cancer deep in the bowels of OneCare and decided to put it out of its misery before some geek publicly exposed the flaw.
  • OneCare was never more than smoke and mirrors and was only kept around long enough for Microsoft to fulfill its SBS2008 upgrade pledges for customers who couldn't wait to get off SBS2003.
  • Microsoft installed a copy of Lotus Foundation server and realized that their own products were so far behind the technology curve that their only chance was to throw some FUD into the market.
Actually all of these theories could be true. Whichever way you look at it, there are some serious questions to be asked about whether SBS2008 is "Ready for Business".

EDIT: D'oh!... I left out the traditional Microsoft strategy. Since they can't beat Macafee and Symantec in the marketplace then they'll just develop a freeware version of their products and erode their revenue until either (or both) of the competitors go out of business. Just like they did with Netscape Navigator ...

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