Thursday, November 13, 2008

Will Diablo III run on VMWare in Foundations?

At home I have:
  • a nearly-new XBox running Lotus Foundations server;
  • a permanently moored laptop (dead screen) which I use as an XP workstation;
  • a desktop running as a Linux SUSE testbed, and
  • a KVM joining them all together.
(plus a PC for my lovely wife and a laptop for use when traveling to/from work on the train).

I must admit my homemade server rack is kinda crowded.

While coming home today I started thinking about getting rid of my semi-dead laptop and my desktop and running those environments as VMWare sessions on my Foundations server. I'd probably have to beef up the servers ram from 2GB to 4GB but if it worked then I can clear a lot of the clutter from around my desk.

The big question is whether Diablo III will run in that environment.


Kevin Pettitt said...

Ha! I was just today trying to justify buying a tricked out, 4GB RAM Mac Mini to plug into the 52" HDTV by also running a couple VMWare images on the sucker and remote in to them from wherever. The familiy and guests can surf together, do Skype video calls together, and I can figure out how to deduct the whole thing as a business expense :-)

Bilal Jaffery said...

hahaha, Graham, loved the title of the post!

Now you've gotten me curious about Xbox implementation of Lotus Foundations. I am assuming, we are talking about the first gen Xbox, which allowed for Linux based mods.

Graham Dodge said...

Hi Bilal,

I'm not looking at XBox - I don't have one of them. I'm thinking of the PC version of the game.

Gavin Bollard said...

Graham, are you talking about a Microsoft XBox or an IBM x-Series Box?

Graham Dodge said...

Hi Gavin,

I stand corrected. My original post should have read 'XSeries':

* XSeries = my 4 CPU 2GB ram IBM server running Lotus Foundations.
* XBox = A Microsoft game machine

Joe Nitix said...

Now I'm curious. It would probably run on a PS3, though I'm not sure about an X-box (MS). Who will be the first to try?