Monday, November 17, 2008

Foundations and Tivoli - A marriage made in Marketing

IBM Thailand has announced a new 'set' of software consisting of IBM Lotus Foundations Start and Tivoli FastBack. When I see announcements like that I get the impression that the only integration between the products is that you get billed for both of them on the same invoice. I know that Lotus Foundations is a great product and I'm sure Tivoli FastBack is a superb piece of coding, but I don't see how the two packages are meant to work together. Let me quote from the IBM announcement:

IBM's new Tivoli FastBack software - the first new product resulting from IBM's recent acquisition of FilesX - provide SMEs with improved business continuity and comprehensive recovery of data and applications, as well as the ability to address compliance across customer data centers and remote offices. Part of IBM's Tivoli Storage Manager line, the new software expands IBM's existing enterprise data protection solutions with new capabilities to help protect data that resides outside managed servers, on remote networks.

From that I read here, FastBack is primarily a Windows-based Enterprise backup solution which can protect data on remote servers - Tivoli Gurus are welcome to correct me on that. So where is the technical integration with the Linux-based Lotus Foundations? Are you supposed to ignore the ground-breaking native Foundations idb backup technology in favor of the Tivoli enterprise solution? Where is the market overlap between the Lotus Foundations SMB consumer and the Tivoli Enterprise purchaser? I don't see it.

Sorry IBM, but that particular product marriage just doesn't make sense.

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