Saturday, March 13, 2010

How do you divide your Passion between five lovers?

I had a meeting with an IBM Business Partner last week who works in one of the non-Lotus IBM software pillars. Now I personally can't understand people having a passion for anything except Notes, but I can respect that they do and they certainly came highly recommended by IBM.

What I found interesting was our similarity of viewpoint around the impossibility of keeping a consulting mindset on more than one software pillar. Sure you can dabble in other technologies to keep your customers happy and your own curiosity satisfied, but if your company is to succeed in understanding, implementing and supporting the software you sell your customers then how the heck can you spread yourself across five IBM software pillars?

You might have staff (or contractors) with the appropriate technical certifications - a Lotus guy in Brisbane, a Rational guy in Adelaide, a Websphere girl in Perth, the Tivoli guy resigned last week but we haven't told IBM etc etc., but how can your sales and implementation teams find a passion for their product when management blows hot and cold on each software brand depending on their perception of how the market is shifting? My guess is that their passion is not with the software - it's with their sales budgets and with whatever new 'Shiny Monkey' they read about last week and that they think will bring in extra revenue of the next six months.

Call me old-fashioned but I'll stick with my first love. She may be Yellow with Big Blue on top but since I first met her some twenty years ago she's always excited me.

OMG!!! I've fallen in love with Marge Simpson!!!

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