Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The new Lotus Advanced Collaboration Certification

There have been recent rumors and whisperings and 'delete-before-reading' emails talking about a new Lotus Certification stream which will arrive in the next few months. We will still have the old faithful Domino AppDev and SysAdmin certs plus the Lotus Portal stream and now apparently there will be an Lotus Advanced Collaboration certification requiring any two of:
  • Lotus Sametime Administrator certification
  • Lotus Quickr Administrator certification
  • Lotus Connections Administrator certification
I think technical certifications are good things because (among other benefits) they separate the part-time cowboys from the serious players. What will be interesting is to see how the Business Partners living on the trailing edge handle the challenge. You know the sort - still certified only on Domino R7 and who think PlanetLotus is all about sports cars.

Of course, if we carry this through to the logical conclusion it means that Business Partners without an Advanced Collaboration certification soon won't be able to sell or renew Sametime, Quickr or Connections licences and individuals like me who are certified for both Domino AppDev AND SysAdmin need to have a long hard think about their career direction.

All of this is not confirmed yet. Does anyone have some hard facts about when?


Palmi said...

It also mandatory now foe PBP to have there cert up todate

Brownie said...

I think this push for more specialised tech certs is a good thing. There is a vast difference between implementation and administration of Lotus Connections vs Lotus Domino. Having done a number of Connections implementations for clients now I can tell you that other than maybe using Domino for LDAP and integration with Tivoli Directory Integrator the two have very little to do with each other.

However at the end of the day getting the extra certifications such as the Connections Admin really isn't that hard and if partners put their mind to it I am sure they will knock it off in no time.