Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Microsoft could achieve a 'Notes-free' planet

Perhaps Microsoft could install a software version of the LG gadget in a Windows 7 patch to detect when Notes is running on a Windows PC and then automatically delete the Lotus folders. That's one way to achieve 'Notes-free countries'.

"AN ELECTRONICS manufacturer with a history of making false environmental claims has been caught doctoring fridges to make them appear more energy efficient.

LG Electronics has agreed to compensate potentially thousands of consumers after two of its fridges - models L197NFS and P197WFS - were found to contain an illegal device that activates an energy-saving mode when it detects room conditions similar to those in a test laboratory.

The so-called circumvention device was discovered last month by the consumer advocacy group, Choice.

The device detects test conditions - typically 22 degrees - and activates the energy-saving mode, creating the impression of lower running costs and energy usage. The devices have been banned in Australia since 2007."


Flemming Riis said...

remember NT4SP6 :)

Gavin Bollard said...

Wow, that's naughty...

It's a wonder they don't just build fridges with auto-suspend gadgets like they gave out at IBM Collective Intelligence 2010.

I'm tempted to plug mine into a certain annoying user's PC and leave the touchpad just under their footrest.

sean cull said...

I believe that it is common practice with motorcycles and noise/power emmissions.

Some very high end cars also bypass parts of the silencer system at higher revs.

Jerry Carter said...

So, under certain conditions, the fridge is wired to run more efficiently. Can I have one of these please? I'd love it if my ice box was smart enough to know when certain conditions merited less energy use. Seems to me there's a legitimate device being poorly calibrated. Isn't energy efficiency a good thing? I'm soooo confused. ;-P