Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lotus software - The Other Sister.

eWeeks article entitled "30 Reasons Why Software Rules at IBM" didn't mention Lotus until slide 25. Even then, the slide focused on Vulcan, with the rider that Vulcan's features "...would appear in upcoming versions of LotusLive, Lotus Notes and Domino, Lotus Connections, Quickr and Websphere portal." Websphere had the lions share of the slides while Tivoli and Rational had cameo appearances.

'Lotus Knows' has a long way to go to win the hearts and minds of the media.


Pierre said...

Hi Graham,

Here is a little story about Lotus marketing/selling units. Last week I've clicked on the Lotus Foundation - Request a quote link where it say "Easy ways to get the answers you need."

Well if IBM wanna really gets into SMB, and that is why they offers Lotus Foundation, they will need to start thinking as SMB. I took more than 4 business days to get a Rep contacting me and we had to talk about PVU and all those complicated things to try figuring out how much would it cost for 100 users licences.

Maybe a SIMPLE PRICE TAG would get the job done.

Lotus Knows NOTHING about dealing with SMB.

Graham Dodge said...

@ Pierre,

Did IBM call you direct or did they pass the lead to a local business partner?

Pierre said...

I am a local business partner! In ten years, I have never had any IBM Rep meeting with us. Not even sure if IBM have Reps.